Ultrafiltration (UF) & Microfiltration (MF)

Ultrafiltration (UF) and Microfiltration (MF)

Ultrafiltration and microfiltration is used in the process of removing large particles like suspended solids, colloidal particles, proteins as well as most bacteria and some viruses from water.  This results in a dramatically clearer water with lower turbidity / suspended solids loading and has the benefit of providing excellent pre-treatment for unit operations downstream such as like nano-filtration or reverse osmosis. 

Nitto Hydranautics

Hydranautics HydracapMax products are one the most water efficient UF systems on the market with a high recovery and small footprint while giving consistent turbidity water quality of  <0.1NTU.  No backwashes are necessary with the outside in technology using blowers to airscour the fibres when regular cleaning is required.  This occurs in both modes of configuration, dead end or cross flow.  Supplementary manifold connections have been designed to ensure the simplest and most compact configurations possible with the ability to supply up to 10 000 m³/d in a single shipping container.  Even at such high flux configurations the PVDF TIPS technology protects the fibres to minimise fibre breakages.  Supporting this product is an online based software package that can generate an overview design or detailed projections.

Online Support

The Hydracap Max range has online based design software that can generate design overviews and detailed design summaries.