Membrane Cleaners

Membrane Cleaners

Most membrane systems with time lose a level of their original functionality due to the system ageing and becoming scaled with inorganic solids or fouling with organic material.  This will result in a pressure increase, a reduced flow, a decrease in flux or a reduction in filtrate or permeate flow rates.  When the recommended thresholds are reached it is advised to undergo a cleaning in place or a recovery clean to remove the foulants and scalants and return the system to prior operational levels.  This is achieved by mixing chemicals, compounds or enzymes into solution and passing it through the system in a sequence of high pH, low pH and then biocide as needed to remove the foulant and scale in accordance with supplier recommendations. 

PWT has an extensive range of membrane cleaners that have proven time and again to work better than generic chemical solutions. Designed to tackle anything from amphoteric metal precipitation to organic films, their products will be able to return the membrane or module system within the original design parameters. The readily dissolvable powder and liquid products have increased buffer, chelating and membrane safe oxidising capabilities providing greater cleaning capacity that is safer and less damaging for the modules and membranes. With many Sub Saharan references ( as well as across the world ) that can attest to the efficiency and holistic operational savings of these products it is safe to say these PWT will make all operators lives easier and reduce operational costs.


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