Pressure Vessels

Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessels are the glass reinforced plastic (GRP) housings that nano filtration and reverse osmosis membranes are installed into.  The pressure vessels are closed up by end caps creating a mechanical seal, preventing the loss of water and thus pressure. Feed water is introduced at one end and at the opposite end of the pressure vessel the concentrate stream leaves the vessel.  Most often the permeate stream is taken at the far end of the vessel but in rare designs the permeate is taken from the inlet side or both. Due to process of reverse osmosis the pressure vessel needs to withstand increased pressure levels that range from anywhere from 6 bar to 120 bar and above depending upon the system.  The material of construction of all components in contact with the water is very important to ensure that there is no corrosion or damage with time as this could become a safety concern.

BEL has over 40 years of experience manufacturing GRP vessels with millions of cubic metres of water produced in their products ever day all across the world from Australia to the Bahamas, Singapore to Spain. Always manufactured at the highest level of quality, production traceability and tolerances, BEL is used with confidence by clients and other supplier partners for each new project again and again.


The pressure vessels that are able to hold 16”, 8” and 4” sized membranes among other custom sizes from 300psi ( 20.7bar ) all the way up to 1800psi ( 124.1bar ) pressure requirements. In addition to the standard designs the deftly controlled production cycle allows for a high level of flexibility in any vessel request if needed.  Whether it is a colour change, a multiport, mid port or end port configuration requiring side port material such as super duplex stainless steel, our ASME and CE accredited supplier will be able to accommodate your requirements.


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