As we research more into how humanity is impacting our water sources we learn that new contaminants are entering our water and much more industrial effluent is becoming harder to treat.

New acronyms and descriptions for contaminants are becoming more common place in water treatment. Parameters such as PFAS (Perflouralkyl and Polyflouroalkyl substances), endocrine disruptors, forever chemicals and contaminants of emerging concern are some of the more complex parameters that are of concern in effluent and wastewater treatment discourse. With these new concerns comes the need for treatment technologies unknown to the majority of industry and one exciting technology that is rising to the fore to be used in the treatment of these challenging parameters is the process of Electrocoagulation.

Electrocoagulation is the process of applying to water a direct current through a receptive electrode material. This process then has the ability to change the oxidation reduction potential of the water allowing for a change of dissolved solids into suspended solids or the inverse of that function. Simply put, electrocoagulation is an exceptionally robust effluent treatment unit operation that is chemical free, climate friendly and a greener method of implementing reduction oxidation (Redox) reactions.


Ventil Aqua is the world’s leader in electrocoagulation solutions for water treatment with more than 25 years of experience in investigating, designing, building and operating their revolutionary VABEC electrocoagulation units.

It is with great honour that AR Africa is the chosen distribution partner for Southern Africa. We are showing the value of EC to our industrial and wastewater clients in utilising a low operational cost and low risk solution to treat wastewater and effluent.

Ventil Aqua’s technology is able to provide a chemical-free unit operation for the most challenging of effluents from landfill leachate and metal processing plants to textile effluent and mining’s zero-liquid discharge.

If you have a water and wastewater treatment that requires excessive energy, chemicals or process complexity, engage with us to see if Electrocoagulation is a favourable solution to reduce your risk and operational expenses in your process.