Membrane Bio Reactor

Membrane Bio Reactor

Membrane bio reactors (MBR’s) are used within an activated sludge waste water treatment process to filter out suspended material and produce a high quality filtrate.  The increased quality of the activated sludge returned to the aerated zone reduces the required aerated tank volume and the MBR’s use of suction to draw filtrate through micro filtration or ultrafiltration fibres reduces the filtration tank size due to the increased flux.  With the introduction of an MBR to an activated sludge system, a system can have either an increased flow for the same foot print or the same flow for a greatly reduced footprint.

Hydranautics provides a MBR ( HYDRASub) that has shown to be inexpensive to maintain and operate while being easy to install. The patented air diffuser design ensures cleaning of the fibres at a higher efficiency with minimum pressure drop maintaining a stable filtrate quality throughout the systems operation.  Reduced air requirements returns operational savings on the most costly item of MBR operation, the blowers. The modules high surface area per volume design results in reduced relative tank footprint and volume which translates into a capital expenditure reduction or increased treatment capacity for any activated sludge system upgrade.


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