Antiscalant Chemicals

Antiscalant Chemicals

In the process of generating permeate, the feed water in the reverse osmosis process is concentrated up and becomes saturated with dissolved solids.  Once the dissolved solids saturation point is exceeded, such as CaPO4 or CaCO3, the dissolved solid will start to precipitate onto the surface of the membrane.  To inhibit this scaling process chemicals can be added to the reverse osmosis feed water to provide an antiscaling effect. This antiscaling effect dramatically increases the saturation concentration of dissolved solids in the water and prevents precipitation.  This ensures the system operates at for longer periods of time before needing to be cleaned in place (CIP) at lower pressures.  


PWT uses their own patented technology antiscalant that is phosphate free ( Spectraguard 100 ) to provide an anti-scalant that is pushing the limits of chemical saturation for membrane systems.  PWT products are able to enhance the antiscaling capabilities of your system providing the triple operational expenditure savings of membrane longevity, lower dosing rates and increased recovery of the system.  Not only does this make it a fantastic product it also reduces the environmental impact that emerges from using phosphate based antiscalants.  Accredited for a variety of standards their products are able to be used in food and beverage through mining with great success.  For any NF/RO system the supplier has a propriety programme to model and report back the best dosing solution.


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