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Most membrane systems with time lose a level of their original functionality due to the system ageing and becoming scaled with inorganic solids or fouling with organic material.  This will result in a pressure increase, a reduced flow, a decrease in flux or a reduction in filtrate or permeate flow rates.  When the recommended thresholds are reached it is advised to undergo a cleaning in place or a recovery clean to remove the foulants and scalants and return the system to prior operational levels.  This is achieved by mixing chemicals, compounds or enzymes into solution and passing it through the system in a sequence of high pH, low pH and then biocide as needed to remove the foulant and scale in accordance with supplier recommendations.


Alexander Leppert

Alexander Leppert

Technical and Managing Director

Alex holds a BSc in Engineering (Chemical) which has allowed him to follow his passion for water. Starting as a workshop helper for a water treatment OEM he has had the opportunity to experience the full engineering life cycle from investigations and process design through to project management, commissioning, and optimisation.

With experience ranging from designing tube lamella clarifiers, filtration, and membrane systems to mobile water treatment plants, Alex dedicates his time to optimisation and efficiency so that he has more time to learn and share his knowledge. With a large personality and his passion for knowledge, his role as technical director helps him look at systems holistically while providing product designs to match the requirements of clients.


“Gather knowledge and partner with wisdom”


Anna Leppert

Anna Leppert

Sales and Marketing Manager

Anna has developed patents with SA Paper Chemicals, worked as a chemist at Plascon, and design corrosion protection processes with Fiat. For the last 15 years, however, she has spent her time in the water treatment industry. She has been at the forefront of distributorships for many international companies, helping grow their footprint in Southern Africa throughout the years. Her market knowledge and sales capacity is backed by her MSc Chemical Engineering supported by an ever-present smile or warm laughter.

Relationships are at the forefront of her interactions with clients as without knowing the person she believes you can’t support the business. Anna follows an ethos of honesty and integrity with fervor that has earned her respect amongst her peers, clients, and suppliers.


“For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?”

Matthew 16v26

Adele Watson

Adele Watson

Financial Head

Adele has a long history in financial management in the property and education sector. Dealing with hundreds of individuals on a monthly, if not a daily basis with every strand brought together into an ordered space. Dealing with clients and suppliers, companies, and stakeholders she is able to treat every interaction with a personal touch of respect and welcoming.

Adele is meticulous in her attention to detail, handling processes most would blanche at while eager to learn at every turn. She is responsible for the financial dealings with clients and suppliers as well as controlling stock and logistics. Adele follows a path of integrity shaped by respect for rules and order, ensuring fairness to everyone that she deals with.

Japie Schmidt

Japie Schmidt


As business owner Japie still believes in a hands-on approach, bringing his expertise, experience and knowledge to application level. Personally involved in managerial as well as day to day technical decisions. Corporately he is responsible for Costing, Sales, Marketing and Project Management and still engages in design and engineering. Japie has a passion for doing the job right the first time -: Expertise Through Precise Management.

After a formal technical education Japie started his career with Impala Platinum in the Instrumentation and Projects department. He furthered his project career at Mosgas, Sappi and Mondi Board. A Diploma in Project Management enabled him to be appointed as Project Manager for the AECI group in the early 90’s, managing projects across the Southern African continent. His expertise has taken him to projects in the UK, America, Australia, Italy and Spain amongst others in recent years.