Self Cleaning Strainers

Self Cleaning Strainers


Filtration is used to remove suspended solids from a feedwater source. There are various ways to remove solids from water with nuances based on the composition, the quantity, the physical dimensions, and the deformability of the solids. Media filters use a probability method of removing solids based on the void size generated by the media. Self-cleaning strainers however have a mesh that gives a defined dimension in the removal process providing an absolute removal rating (greater than 99.8% removal at a defined parameter). There are various technologies present in the way that self-cleaning strainers are able to remove the build-up of solids but fundamentally rest on

1. Suction (ELFI’s MSCR, SCR-L & SCR-O)
2. Mechanical abrasion (ELFI’s SP-L, SP-O)
3. Spray (ELFI’s US-L)

Self cleaning strainer ELFI
Self cleaning Strainer ELFI

ELFI self cleaning strainers are incredibly designed and capable of handling the challenging conditions of Africa. They are very water efficient through intelligent design optimising the solids removal mechanism and activating on solids load rather than only on a time basis. Using filtered water as the cleaning medium it is further enhanced in its cleaning capability. ELFI strainers are able to provide absolutely rated filtration from 3mm all the way to 1 micron and flowrates from 500 L/h all the way up to 4 500 m3/h. This allows for ELFI strainers to be used in bulk solids removal as needed in agricultural irrigation systems or waste water pre-filtration, tighter filtration requirements at 200 micron and 125 micron for MF/UF protection or even as replacements for media filters at 50 and 25 micron. There has been an uptake in unburdening current filtration systems in this range but also in the polishing process of using ELFI strainers of 10 micron to 1 micron ratings to protect regularly replaced single use cartridge filters. With all the experience in standard filtration requirements ELFI has the ability to provide custom filtration solutions with large flowrates, hot caustic waste, aggressive acid mine drainage or red tide algal blooms. ELFI has the capability to provide solutions outside of the standard scope with impressive results offering

1. Very high water efficiency (up to 99.8% in low turbidity water)
2. Dramatically reduced footprint in comparison to media filtration
3. Simplified installations that do not require additional pumps for the wash cycles
4. Low pressure operating conditions ( able to operate with a feed of 0.5bar