Reverse Osmosis Membranes & Elements

Reverse Osmosis Membranes & Elements


Nano-filtration and reverse osmosis is the process of overcoming the natural osmotic pressure of aqueous salts found in a water source.  This occurs within a pressure vessel and generates 2 streams.  The first stream is a reduced dissolved solids permeate stream and the second is an increased dissolved solids concentrate stream.  Using pumps to generate varying levels pressure it is possible to treat water from the ocean into a potable stream or even to use pre-treated surface water to create a pure enough permeate enough to be used in boilers for the power industry.

Hydranautics is at the fore front of membrane technology with their selection of membranes showcasing their low energy ESPA reverse osmosis membranes that can generate significant operational expenditure savings or the 99.8% rejection of their CPA membranes.  Treating water, dairy and waste throughout the world there are tens of millions of people that rely on Hydranautics products daily. Products can be supplied to treat brackish waters ( ESPA, CPA, LFC, ESNA, NANO-SW ), high salinity/sea water ( SWC ), sanitisable pharmacare and high purity ( SanRO & SanRO-HS ) or process separation industries ( DairyRO ), backed by a wealth of technical expertise and most importantly experience. To generate the designs for the membrane systems is the Hydranautics downloadable IMSD design software that is able to provide design projections as well as energy and chemical usage estimations.


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